I See Helicopters, I Think Monsters

My life has Science Fiction interwoven through the entirety of its accumulated strata. From seeing Star Wars when I was four years old, to reading Neuromancer and Snow Crash as a teenager, through starting a blog entirely about Science Fiction, to now when Science Fiction is everywhere, on TV, on Film, audio, literature, comics…

So perhaps it is no surprise what I’m about to tell you? Perhaps it is an indication of someone who has spent too much time in imaginary worlds? You can judge yourself.

I live not very far away from an RAF base which is home to helicopters. Consequently when driving around the area, often on the way to work, I will see a helicopter flying across the sky. They’re not small those RAF helicopters, big grey hulking machines cutting through the blue sky, flying impossibly over the green hills. If you think about it too much they seem strange at the best of times. My brain however transposes a Science Fiction overlay onto reality and I imagine that I’m in the film Monsters. Those scenes at the start of the film, the aliens are attacking, the air force is in the sky, the country is in chaos, our hero is embroiled in something… That.

Of course there are no monsters. I do not live in a war zone. The helicopters are not attacking anyone, they’re going about their business in a peaceful manner. They traverse to the horizon serenely and uninterrupted and my day returns to the mundane after a few moments of Science Fiction imagination. A jolt of sensawunda injected into my day.

Lifted by moments of Science Fiction.

Despite the endless dystopias and escapist stories Science Fiction is full of hope. It is proof that we can think about our issues, extrapolate, discuss, forge a different path. Science Fiction is our choices laid before before us. We can learn, we can be better. It starts with adventure and excitement, it leads to deeper thought.