You Are Never Too Old To Let The Music Fill Your Soul

Going to see bands play live is a wonderful experience, but when you get old you can become jaded, you can forget. Standing near the back, away from the crush of the crazy youngsters crowding near the front it can be easy to be cynical. To think you’ve seen it all before. But take a moment to look around. To remember. Look at those screaming teenage girls, look at those teenage boys pumping their fists in the air. Look how much it means to them, that music. And remember. Remember when you were a teenager. Remember how much the music from your youth meant to you?

Now feel it again.

It’s about letting go.

It’s about singing your heart out.

It’s about cheering wildly and laughing with the screams.

It’s about admitting how much it means.

It’s about feeling the music in your heart.