When the band you love comes back

Sometimes we take the music that we love for granted. Including the bands that we love. That’s not to say that that we don’t appreciate them, we love them, we praise them, we listen to their music, we go to their gigs, we wear their T-Shirts and have their posters on our walls. We really appreciate them. Sometimes so much so that we never think what it would be like if they went away. We never even contemplate them splitting up or giving up or retiring. And then when they do it leaves a big hole.

One of my favourite bands is Embrace, their first album was released at a time in my life when the songs resonated deeply with me. I saw them live quite a few times. I was happy for them when they started to have some success. I enjoyed their albums. And then… they disappeared. Not split up. Not retired. Just stopped. Suddenly I had to content myself with their existing albums and memories of gigs in days gone by.

And then this year they came back.

It was a great feeling hearing their new album and liking it. New songs. Good songs. And then a tour. Seeing them live again was such a joyous experience. The whole crowd seemed to feel that way too. It wasn’t them the band and us the fans, it was us, all together.

Getting back a band I love is so cool. I appreciate them even more now. It’s made me appreciate all the bands I love a bit more, because sometimes their existence may be fleeting. Happily sometimes they also come back.